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1917. The Farmer’s State Bank of Cedar began operating in Anoka County, Minnesota. The Bank was originally located on a main railroad stop between Minneapolis and Duluth. It served the rural agricultural community and is one of the few banks in Anoka County to come through the Great Depression.

1976. Thomas P. Dolphin, then the President of the Bank, purchased a controlling interest in the $3.5 Million Bank. The Bank soon changed its name to the Crosstown State Bank of Cedar and expanded by two locations – one in St. Francis and one in Blaine on Highway 65 and Highway 242 that still sits today.

1980. The Bank had grown from $3.5 Million to $10 Million in assets and had moved its Bank Charter from Cedar to Ham Lake. The Crosstown Holding Company (“CHC”) was formed and assumed ownership of the Crosstown State Bank of Ham Lake.

1983. The St. Francis Bank office was converted to an off-premise ATM location.

1986. The Bank expanded its Blaine office to a two-story, 14,000 square foot building that exists today.

1996. From 1986-1996, the Bank grew from $39.5 Million to $69.6 Million in assets and from $23.2 Million to $41.1 Million in loans. In March 1996, the CHC purchased the 21st Century Bank in Balaton, MN, which had additional offices in Tracy and North Mankato, Minnesota. After the purchase, the combined assets in the CHC reached over $150 Million. To capture more continuity, the CHC changed names from the Crosstown State Bank of Ham Lake to 21st Century Bank-North. At that point, the Bank had offices in Balaton, Tracy, North Mankato, Ham Lake and Blaine.

1998. The Bank opened a new facility in Rogers, MN and subsequently relocated its Bank Charter from Balaton to Rogers. The Bank sold off its locations in Balaton and Tracy to Minnwest Corporation.

1999. The Bank opened second location in Blaine on the well-traveled Highway 65 corridor, building its own building on 93rd Avenue.

2004. The Bank had grown to nearly $200 Million in total assets. Continuing with its expansion, the Bank purchased the State Bank of Loretto. The Bank moved its Bank Charter from Ham Lake to Loretto, where it still resides today. The Bank also sold its North Mankato location to Pioneer Bank of Mapleton in May 2004.

2007. From 2004-2007, the Bank experienced record earnings, pushing its capital to over $40 Million and its assets to $380 Million. In late 2007, the Bank opened its sixth location in Downtown Minneapolis on Hennepin and Washington Avenues.

2011. The Bank opened its seventh location in the Metro area – its third location in Blaine - located near Lexington Avenue and Interstate 35W. This office is one of the first new banks built in Minnesota since the Great Recession in 2008.

Having been around for almost 100 years, 21st Century Bank knows what it takes for businesses to survive and prosper. We like to think of ourselves as large enough to provide our customers with diverse financial products and current banking technology but small enough to deliver a special brand of personal customer service that has become a rarity in today’s financial services market.

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