Easy to use desktop check scanner

The eDeposit Direct® Online Deposit System gives your business the power to deposit checks safely from your computer at work. All you need is a computer and a scanner.

Getting Started
Once approved for eDeposit Direct®, a 21st Century Bank representative will come to your place of business, set up the eDeposit Direct® software on your internet-enabled computer, along with the check scanner (certain fees may apply for service). The Bank representative will then teach you how to use the scanner and the software to deposit checks remotely from your computer.

Easy to Use
Scan the checks you receive from your customers using your scanner. The images of the checks are then sent to the Bank and processed. You will receive credit for your deposits up until 5:00 P.M. on that same day.

Time Saver
The eDeposit Direct® Online Deposit System saves you time during the day. It allows you to prioritize your time, spending less time transporting the checks to the Bank for deposit and more time running your business, meeting clients and putting out fires.

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Online Deposit System

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