Question: Once I apply for Place 'n Click® Online Banking, how long does it take to set up my account so I can start using it?
Answer: Once you come in and apply for online banking and open your account(s) with us, you should be able to access your information online the very same day, with the exception of Saturdays and certain holidays.

Question: Will Place 'n Click® Online Banking help me balance my checking account? Answer: Yes, absolutely. Quicken® and Microsoft Money® software all include an "account reconciliation" feature, which updates your records every time you download. Each transaction that has cleared your account is automatically entered into your computerized "register." There is no more waiting for a monthly statement to see where you stand; also, this can eliminate the need for you to manually reconcile your accounts!

Question: How often is my 21st Century Bank account information updated?
Answer: If you use Quicken® or Microsoft Money®: Your information is updated daily. Your balances and transactions from the previous business day are instantly available for downloading into your computer. Transactional data is stored on the system for approximately 60 days or until you retrieve it –– whichever comes first.
Question: Just how safe is my financial information when I bank online?
Answer: We knew you'd ask that question, so we have lots of information for you! We want you to know that security and privacy are built into Place 'n Click® Online Banking. For instance, access to any of the online services requires at least a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) or password that only you know. Here are a few simple things you can do to maximize the security and confidentiality of your Place 'n Click® Online Banking relationship. Choose a PIN or password that's easy for you to remember, but not obvious to someone else. For instance, don't use part of your Social Security number, phone number or birth date. Change your PIN or password often. Quicken® and Microsoft Money® software allow you to "lock" your financial file with a password. That creates a second layer of protection for all of your financial records.

Question: Can I convert between software types? (For example from Quicken® to Money®, or vice versa?)
Answer: It is possible to import account information from one program to the other. See your software manual or call the software manufacturer's customer support line for more information.

Question: How do the payments that I make through e-PayDirect® get to the payee? Answer: For the merchants who are equipped to receive electronic payments, e-PayDirect® will send your payment electronically; the software requires a lead time of two business days to pay a bill. Most payees, however, are not yet able to accept electronic payments. In these cases, e-PayDirect® creates and mails to the payee a paper check drawn on your account. The lead-time to pay these merchants is four business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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